Our Master Plan

Where A Rich Past Is Always Present, And Part of A Bright Future

A drift gill-netter from Homer once shared the secret to his success. He said:

“I pay attention to every minute detail that affects where the fish will run that day. It’s time consuming, but not everyone is willing to put in the time.”

History of Many Faces and Spaces

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about this location, and in much the same manner as the above highliner, we seek success by paying attention to details.

Our Homes are sited to celebrate the sun, to optimize the viewing of wildlife and scenic beauty surrounding this riverine estuary. Different home models are scaled to create a mix of residential living experiences without crowding the landscape. Garages and parking areas are convenient, but not visible. Waterfront views are shared, not hoarded, and all our pedestrian pathways lead to special places. Architecture is assembled to create identity, transition, and visual diversity. For example, Front Street Lofts recreate the vibrancy and mixed residency of ancient seaports, while Highliner Row doesn’t seek to isolate itself, but to proudly anchor the edge of a dynamic fishing town and the idea that hard work often leads to success.

The Past

The Present